Are you interested in becoming a patient?  Below we have included a list of steps to begin the process. We look forward to meeting with you.

1. Call 217-224-6877 and make an appointment. (You must schedule an appointment to see a provider.)
2. Print out and complete the following enrollment forms that pertain to you:

3.  Bring in forms on scheduled date and time of appointment.

For more information on relationships, love, sex, and teen pregnancies, visit

Our mission is to educate the community and our patients about taking responsibility for reproductive health and to provide health care regardless of income, race, age, gender or marital status.

Our services are very affordable. We accept most medical insurance, private insurance, and Public Aid payments and have a sliding fee scale for those who do not have insurance. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.

At your appointment, you’ll have an initial exam by a physician or nurse practitioner. If you are sexually active, you will have a pregnancy and an STD test. If you choose birth control, it will be prescribed and dispensed at this visit.

  • Initial exam by physician or nurse practitioner
  • Pregnancy and an STD test
  • Birth control (if chosen) can be prescribed and dispensed

No one is turned away because of the inability to pay. Our fees are based on your income and household size.

If you are a teen, parental involvement is encouraged. Statistics show that teens want to learn sexual information from their parents. We encourage you to bring a parent or adult with you to your appointment, but if you are unable to speak with your parents about sexual matters, then Family Planning is a resource for you. ALL of our services are CONFIDENTIAL.