Our medical team is a caring, experienced group of professionals who put your best interests first. We offer a wide variety of services to promote your good health and well-being.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

We provide Colorectal Cancer Screenings for women age 40 and over, or for those with a family history.

Community Education Sessions

Because part of our mission is to strengthen the community we serve, our professional staff is available for presentations on reproductive health care to schools and community groups. In 2012, we presented to several groups including Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce Women’s Networking, local high schools and colleges, youth groups, and many more.

Contraceptive Options

Confidential birth control services are available at Family Planning and there are many different safe and effective methods available. Only you can decide what is best for you. Our patients come in with questions like “Where can I get free birth control in Quincy, IL?”, “How much does plan B cost?” “Where can I get the morning after pill?” We will discuss the many choices available in contraception with you and answer your questions. We provide contraceptive supplies and refills and will check your weight and blood pressure on a regular basis. Find out about different contraceptive methods here at www.bedsider.org.

Cost/Payment Options

Illinois Women Health services are no longer available. Please refer to the price chart for price discounts based on your family size and income.


For all patients and/or parents, we provide counseling to answer your questions about special health issues and concerns.

HPV Vaccine

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) can be prevented with the Gardasil 9 offered at Family Planning of Quincy. We offer the HPV vaccine to both males and females, young and older. While HPV may clear on it’s own, for others it may not. When the HPV virus is not cleared, it may cause certain cancers or diseases. To help protect yourself and others from the HPV virus, we highly recommend considering the HPV vaccine, or Gardasil 9. Patients do not have to be a client to receive the HPV vaccine. For cost options, please give us a call at (217) 224-6877. HPV is a concern of ours, and so are you!

Medical Exams

Medical exams offered at Family Planning of Quincy are performed by area physicians and certified nurse practitioners. We provide exams for both males and females. Our purpose is simple, to help you reach your goal. Whether you are in need of a medical exam or women’s health services, we provide general health assessments, comprehensive male/female reproductive exams, breast exams, urinalysis’, anemia and STD screenings, and weight and blood pressure checks. We also provide pregnancy tests. Our medical exams are very affordable, and of course always confidential.

New Patient Education

We offer a thorough and confidential interview where we’ll take your medical history and discuss any related health issues.

Pregnancy Testing

“How can I tell if I’m pregnant?”
Simply walk into our office for a pregnancy test. If the test is positive, we can refer you to local physicians, housing options, WIC, and social service agencies to obtain a public aid card if need be. We offer non-directive counseling to provide you with all of your options. We are not here to judge you. We are here to help you.

If the test is negative, then we encourage a full exam and effective birth control methods that will help you prevent pregnancy. If you are struggling to become pregnant, we suggest an exam and referral to a physician for infertility services if required.

STD Screening and Treatment

You need to know … for yourself and for your partner.
Common questions we can answer for you are: “Do you offer STD checkups?” “What are the symptoms of STDs?” “How do I know if I have an STD?” “Where is a Free STD clinic?” “What does an STD test cost?” “Are you a free STD clinic?”

We offer testing for STDs for both men and women during clinic hours. The testing is performed by physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical staff and is completely confidential.